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​PC Doctor is a family owned and operated computer repair business.   Ken and Rachelle Watkins are a local couple who have lived in Waco all of their lives.

From the owners.

We have combined experience totaling over 50 years. We started doing computer repair in Waco and surrounding areas in 1998 from our home office then grew to a retail space.  However, due to several medical issues, we have moved the business back into our home and are completing onsite service only.  

We have lived in Waco all of our lives and have raised two wonderful boys here.  We feel very strongly in home town community ties and family values.

Ken received his Information Technology Degree from McLennan Community College. He is currently HP and Microsoft Certified. He has been working on computers personally and professionally for the last 25 years.  He also works for the DPS repairing and keeping up with all systems in the patrol cars and offices in his region covering about 40 miles from the center of Waco out to regional offices such as Killeen, Hillsboro, Marlin, and Fairfield.  

I, Rachelle, have a background in business management and have been working on computers professionally since 1985.  Although I have had several jobs around the Waco area, I have always enjoyed working with my customers through PC Doctor the most.  I love working with my friends and neighbors in our home town.  

At PC Doctor we strive to stay ahead of the technical curve. We take pride in providing our customers with the latest and most economical technical solutions. We understand there's not a cookie-cutter approach to computer repair or network services. All of our services are tailored to suit our customers individualized needs. Unlike the big box stores, you can count on a personalized experience from the services we offer.

On a more personal note, most of our customers and friends know Ken fell and hit his head in August of 2015.  He has been plagued with migraine headaches, nausea, and dizzy spells.  He has been diagnosed with Post Concussive Syndrome and spinal cord injury.  He had 8 bulging discs in his neck, one of which was infringing on his spinal cord causing extreme pain and numbness down his arms and hands.  He had two of those discs removed in March 2017 and had 3 vertebrae fused.  Unfortunately, this did not remedy the Chronic Refractory Migraines.  He is on a litany of medications on a daily basis to try and control them.  

Due to the graciousness of his colleagues in the Waco DPS office donating him so much leave time, we have been able to continue our health insurance and Ken has been able to retain his medical coverage.  The doctors have agreed this is going to be a permanent issue, but are hopeful, in time, his symptoms and migraines will subside.

In the meantime, we are both here ready to work on helping the central Texas area keep it's technical devices working in top notch condition!!

We look forward to seeing you soon!!

Ken and Rachelle Watkins
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